Product Updates - Jan 2022

Back from the holidays and we're back to shipping. We launched PQL Scoring, Data Warehouse V2, User & Account Quick Views, Clearbit Enrichment

Product Updates - Jan 2022

Back from the holidays and we were back to shipping. We launched:

πŸ’― PQL Scoring

Key to any Product-Led Sales motion is scoring customers based on their level of intent and fit. Product qualified leads (PQLs) are a new lead scoring methodology product-led companies use to efficiently prioritize which signups to engage. It combines both product usage data with the firmographic data (eg role, industry) to create a score.

Calixa has launched native PQL scoring that's easy for anyone to setup. You can leverage any product data along with firmographic data. If you aren't yet enriching your users with firmographic data, we've got you covered. Sign up for our Clearbit Enrichment Beta for native support within Calixa.

Read more about PQL Scoring.

πŸ—„οΈ Data Warehouse Beta V2

Late last year we launched connectivity to BigQuery and Snowflake directly as well as an integration with Census (a reverse ETL platform). We're now announcing a beta for Redshift data warehouse and Hightouch (a reverse ETL platform).

In addition, we've launched support for customers to send:

  • Metrics β†’ You can now send any time series metrics (eg usage) to Calixa for users and accounts. This data let's you see week-over-week changes and powers graphs in our dashboards.
  • Custom Objects β†’ You can now send custom objects (eg projects, workspaces, websites, tasks, etc) that are important for understanding user and account activity. By sending custom objects, it gives your team better insight into what customers are doing so you can have better conversations.

If you are interested in the beta, just email .

πŸ‘€ User and 🏒 Account Quick Views

We were excited to launch new User and Account Quick Views. These new features make it easier than ever to quickly get this context all in one place.

We've consolidated information so that you have easy access to things like account owner, last active date, and usage scoring. We've also added a new Metrics section that you can customize to see whatever metrics matter most.

Read more about our new User and Account Quick Views.

πŸ“ˆ Better Filtering in Reports

We've now added support for:

  • Relative Dates in the Future Β β†’ An important part of customer workflows is to manage trial and renewal dates. You now can filter users based on dates in the future. For example, you might want to see all customers who have a trial ending in the next 7 days.
  • Is Set / Is Not Set Filtering Β β†’ Sometimes you want to filter on the presence or absence of a value, not the value itself. For example, show me all accounts that don't have an owner. Calixa now supports filtering on the presence or absence of a value.

πŸ”¬Clearbit Enrichment Beta

When deciding who to talk to, it's important not just to see how they're using your product but also who they are and where they work. This is especially hard if the user signs up from an email like

To solve this, Calixa is integrating directly with enrichment provider Clearbit which can tell you based on email who the user is, where they work, and what they do. You'll have access to details like name, title, company, company size, funding, industry, etc.

We believe this data - called firmographic data - will help you figure out who to talk to and let you have better conversations. It will also be a key input into your PQL scores.

If you have your own enrichment data, you can feed that in instead. But we wanted to make it for anyone to get started enriching users and having better conversations.

If you are interested in the beta, just email .