Unlock Product-Led Sales with the Modern Data Stack

Before Calixa, it was a black box. We didn't have any idea how prospects were using the Voiceflow or even a means of easily seeing which trials were active and expiring.

Unlock Product-Led Sales with the Modern Data Stack

We sat down with Daniel, Head of Customer Success & Experience at Voiceflow to discuss how they are using Calixa to power their GTM workflows.

When we last spoke with Daniel, Voiceflow was primarily using Calixa to automate Customer Success workflows. However over the last few months, they have made significant progress implementing the modern data stack. This started with consolidating all of their customer data within BigQuery, making the data warehouse their source of truth. Calixa's native BigQuery connector made exposing this data to sales and success teams a no-brainer.

Maintaining focus while scaling

Voiceflow's growth was the primary catalyst for standardizing around the modern data stack. Early on, they learned that customer data was essential in the sales and success motions, and as they continued to land and expand new accounts, the volume of data in disparate tools began to explode.

With the sales team growing from 1 to 5 reps and customer success tripling, it quickly became clear that expecting employees to log into 5+ tools to get the data they needed to do their job, was not going to scale. Customer trials are an integral part of the Voiceflow sales motion, but reps were left with little visibility into which trials were going well and which were going to expire without converting.

Daniel shared the need for a tool that makes it easy for anyone to pull actionable insights.

As our sales and success teams started to grow, we needed a platform that would make it easy for an account executive or support rep or CSM to actually understand the buyer journey, like how trials are performing and prospects are using the tool, then be able to turn those into actionable insights.

Voiceflow had implemented Mixpanel for product analytics, but it wasn't the right tool for the customer teams.

If you don't really understand how our data is set up, Mixpanel is difficult to navigate. It was essential that we found a tool that was easy to use for everyone from Sales to Success.

The BigQuery + Calixa Unlock

Thanks to the investments Voiceflow had made in the modern data stack. Giving sales people the data they need to manage trials, close deals and grow accounts was a breeze.

The thing that got us really excited to start using Calixa was the integration of BigQuery. Being able to have our team create custom views in BigQuery and then being able to leverage those in Calixa in combination with all of our other data like Segment events and Intercom conversations allowed us to actually paint a full 360 degree picture of our customers.

Not having to involve developers was also a huge win.

We were able to get setup with minimal developer help compared to some of the other tools we were using in the past, like Mixpanel.

Ensuring Trial Success

Managing trials to conversion is an integral part of Voiceflow's GTM motion, but before Calixa reps were often flying blind.

Before Calixa, it was a black box. We didn't have any idea how prospects were using the Voiceflow or even a means of easily seeing which trials were active and expiring. Most people didn't even know where to look at to go find this information.

Managing this process with Calixa is simple and effective:

  • Calixa Segments are prebuilt to show sales reps their active trials that require attention.
  • Clicking into trial accounts help reps uncover usage details, find the top users,  get context from Intercom conversations, and find opportunities to nudge the customer.
  • When trials require attention Account executives receive Slack alerts to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • With full context, they can then put together a plan for ensuring the trial converts to a paying customer.

Becoming Data Driven

Before Calixa, Daniel describes a world where reps would login to Intercom to search for when a user was last seen.

The data we had access to in Intercom was extremely limited. You can really only see things like when the user was last seen rather than how they are actually utilizing the tool... And just because someone was last seen a couple of days ago doesn't and mean they're actually using the tool at all.

This newfound visibility that Calixa is providing into the customer journey has  caused the sales team to change the way they engage with customers.

The biggest change has been how the sales team approaches their prospective customers. Reps now go into every deal fully informed, with a data driven perspective. They understand where the customer is getting value, what core features are being used, how many users in the account, who are the champions. All of this gives them a better chance to succeed.

What's on the Horizon

Voiceflow is always looking for ways that they can use data to improve how they engage with customers. They are currently exploring Segment Personas which will improve the way they target and engage with users, plus it works out of the box with Calixa.  

We are looking forward to being able to use Segment properties to identify groups users and then actually run automations that send out email campaigns, Outreach sequences, even just pinging ourselves in Slack.

Finally, Daniel is excited about taking advantage of Calixa's sales engagement integrations with Outreach.

I'm working with the sales team to get them using Calixa's Outreach integration. This will allow us to add potential prospects to campaigns or even see who's been emailed and who hasn't. It's stuff like this that we've dreamed of doing for the past year, but we just haven't had the tools or data to pull off.